About us

Located in what was once the richest municipality in Spain and one of the best in Europe, Calvià, CSV Construcción has been at the forefront of high-end construction in Mallorca for more than 20 years. The business initiative began in 2003, when Daniel Mota and Juan Manuel González decided to turn one of their business projects into a reality, combining the philosophy of quality and commitment in their way of understanding construction. The high number of projects carried out from the beginning until the present day are proof of the success of this pioneering idea and place the company at the forefront of luxury housing construction on the island.

At CSV we surround ourselves with the best professionals in Mallorca and we have a great team of highly qualified experts committed to the company’s philosophy. This enables us to execute the best projects in the island’s housing sector, with a wide variety of categories, from new construction to renovation works, from single-family homes to large fincas.

Company organization

Company organization - CSV Construcción

Added value

Over 200 people make up the CSV team. Thanks to our staff, we offer a service of high added value. All projects are managed and controlled by the company, with the same parameters of quality, innovation, sustainability and commitment. This is our way of understanding this profession.

Therefore, we take care of every detail and listen to our clients’ requests. We suggest a personalised solution in each property, which enables us to offer homes that reflect their ideas and dreams, as in our opinion, each project and each client is unique.

Our greatest reward is to sense their excitement when they see that their projects have been fulfilled and we can vouch that we have managed to live up to their ideals.


Do you want to belong to the leading high-end construction company in Mallorca?

At CSV Construcción, we foster our workers’ personal and professional growth.