Our mission is to accomplish the construction of high-level projects. The luxury segment involves working in a stringent and painstaking manner, as this is what our clients expect. To make this possible, we apply our experience, enthusiasm and best efforts to make your dreams come true.


The entity has set its sights on continuing to attract the area of building matchless and distinguished properties, with the aim of ensuring that each project is unique. We adapt to the instructions given by each client and carry out the necessary work to achieve a perfect result.


Service - CSV Construcción


We consider it is important to adhere to our clients’ understanding and their needs, and we fulfil the commitments acquired with the greatest satisfaction.

Sustainability - CSV Construcción


We act in a sustainable manner and are committed towards our surroundings, the environment and society.

Commitment - CSV Construcción


We promote the personal and professional growth of our employees, fostering teamwork and a respectful work environment.

Innovation - CSV Construcción


We stimulate the development of new techniques, promoting continuous improvement to achieve maximum quality.

Quality - CSV Construcción


​We make every effort to increase the variety of services we offer, improving excellence and continually taking the necessary steps to continue advancing. We also invest in all the required mechanisms that enable us to be more efficient every day.

ISO-9001 Bureau veritas certification


Do you want to belong to the leading high-end construction company in Mallorca?

At CSV Construcción, we foster our workers’ personal and professional growth.