After-Sales Service

The objective of CSV Construcción is not only to build properties, but to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards and that its clients are satisfied with their new home and don’t encounter any issues when it comes to enjoying it.

In order to offer personalised attention, attend to possible complaints and build a loyal relationship with the buyer, several years ago CSV created the after sales-service department.

What is
CSV’s after-sales service?

The mission of CSV Construcción after-sales service is to facilitate the relationship with clients as much as possible and to respond effectively to their requests after they have purchased the property (problems with the finishes, specific issues with the electrical installation or the buyer’s technical concerns).

Its fundamental purpose is to build customer loyalty and extend the relationship with them beyond the construction and handing over of the keys of the home. For CSV it has become an essential department for channelling buyers’ requests and complaints, as well as guaranteeing their satisfaction.

What are the notable features of this service?

Taking into account that the purpose of CSV Empresa Constructora’s after-sales service is to make the purchasing process as smooth as possible for the client, solving any problems that could arise during and after the procedure, the features with the greatest value can be summarised in four points:

Quickness in solving problems

When a client moves into their home and they discover something is wrong, they must report the incident to CSV, which has to find a solution quickly. Consequently, we need to be prepared with our own or external services to be able to deal with any issues.

Ease of communication

As clients need to be provided with different communication channels so they can let us know if they have any questions or problems, we make available a toll free number, an email address and an internal chat with staff when any incident occurs. This way, we can resolve any issues as soon as possible.

Follow-up of incidents

Once we have resolved the problem, we take care of confirming that everything has been sorted out and we have the client’s approval.

Keeping in contact with the client

Through surveys, we stay in contact with the client to obtain more information and thus be able to offer new services designed to optimise their experience with us.

What does CSV’s after-sales service offer clients?

CSV’s after-sales department offers our clients a wide range of services. The most outstanding include the following:

Monitoring the building process

The customer service starts when the property is reserved and continues until after it has been handed over. CSV Construcción uses the different communication channels it establishes with the client to keep them continuously informed of how the work is progressing, the changes that have taken place and it tells them which features of their new home can be personalised.

Likewise, the after-sales service gives the buyer all the information they need about the services available in the property and the communal areas.

Repairing any flaws in the home

When the property is handed over, the client usually carries out a thorough check to detect whether there are any flaws in the finishes, paintwork, tiling and carpentry.

Our company has teams ready to resolve any issues once the property has been handed over. A few years ago, one of the main complaints from buyers was that when they reported flaws to developers, they had to wait a long time for their requests to be dealt with. However, CSV has established more direct communication channels with clients to be able respond quickly to any issues they may encounter with their properties.

Setting up utilities

The additional services offered by CSV Construcción include setting up and arranging the direct debit of the utilities used in the home (electricity, water and gas) to save the client from having to make these arrangements. In some cases, the company even takes care of paying the bills until the services have been registered in the client’s name.

Removals and repair services

To help the client with the process of moving into their new home, CSV and its trusted partners offer removal services and perform small repairs or installation work: fitting lights, connecting and adjusting the appliances in the home, provision of a user and maintenance guide, etc.

In some cases, our after-sales department even offers materials and spare parts of the devices that clients may need in the future in the event of a breakdown.

Interior design and decoration

The last of the main services offered by our after-sales department is related to adapting and preparing the home. In our desire to provide our clients with the best services, our team will be delighted to help new home-owners add a personal touch to their home.

Services for the maintenance of second homes

Consequently, our entity offers all kinds of services for the maintenance of second homes, including:


Regular inspections of the property

We check that everything is up to date, we air the house, collect your mail, look after it and if necessary, forward it to your city of residence. We perform the recommended maintenance work to prevent normal deterioration due to lack of use, such as: switch taps on and off, turn on the air conditioning to avoid gas leaks, etc.

We also offer the possibility to change the position of curtains or blinds and activate light timers to create the illusion of occupancy.

The inspections are carried out as with the frequency requested by the client, and we send reports and photos of the property’s condition via email or WhatsApp.

We keep the garden and the swimming pool in order

In order to keep your property looking tidy and not show signs of being unoccupied, it is important to keep the garden and pool in good condition. For this purpose, our staff takes care of all the work related to pruning, watering and clearing the garden and it looks after the pool, besides rigorously monitoring the pool at mechanical level.


We keep your home pest-free

Bearing in mind the location and specific features of the house, the entry points are treated to prevent insects, arachnids, rodents, etc. from entering and proliferating.

We prepare your home

Before you or your guests arrive, we perform a general clean of the property. We leave everything ready so that when the owner arrives, all they have to do is enjoy their holiday.

Free security advice

We carry out a study to know whether your property is at risk of intrusion. We analyse weak points and search for possible solutions. If necessary, we arrange the necessary changes to increase the security of your home.

We deal with unforeseen events

We come to your home in the case of any unforeseen event. These include intrusion or unwanted occupation, damage due to vandalism or forces of nature, water leaks or any other circumstance that requires the presence of a person in charge. Our 24-hour telephone number is provided for this type of service.